A Pandemic Series – My Red Lipstick

A Reposting of the Three Red Lipstick Poems, in Sequence

These three poem-videos belong in this sequence, not in the reverse order in which the blog displays them below, based on when I initially posted them.


My red lipstick is annoyed,
muttering behind my mask,
wanting an escape.


My red lipstick explains
she is not annoyed;
she is afraid.

Afraid I will permanently abandon
her, and my rings,
and the new dress fluttering on its hanger. 

Now –
and for all the roiling days 
masked in the fog
of an un-normal future.


My Red Lipstick Mourns

My red lipstick mourns,
huddled in her drawer, 
as I mourn, too,
bare-lipped behind my mask.

Now – I groom for “meetings”,
my red lipstick appears,
trying to represent who I was.

I yearn for, mourn for,
the times I touched, hugged,
and groomed for,
locked away now,

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