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Anxiety Poem

September 14, 2016


In The Midst

There’s been an accident
at the intersection
near my parents

and they are overdue.

Their neighbour answers
the phone – a confused stranger
after her stroke –

and speaks of flashing red lights.

Their friend with cancer is hysterical
on the phone
with no one in the house

and no answers.

As I pick up my car
keys to search,
the phone rings:

It is my child’s school; there’s been an accident.

Your Place in My Heart

September 10, 2016



I woke in the night
and thought of you.

No bleeding,
just this annoying scab,
itchy, tender.

I keep telling myself
I’ve cauterized
your place in my heart.

Advice for Teachers of Writing

September 5, 2016

As a young teacher

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Writing and Reading (Old Tech)

September 3, 2016


You are reading
far away
from the time and place
where/when synapses
their ballet
and I thought
a feeling
a rhythm
holding these words –
first sliding in black
on a page,
for synapses
and time
and fingers
green life
through electric connections to a screen
that holds
and releases
thoughts, words
and printing up,
through black tape,
in a rhythm
of line and page
these words
which bend
and fold –

and, enveloped, travel
to be studied,
A bored stranger submits
these words,
through the finger ballet, to the machine that prints
these words
for you
to read

Learned or Learner: Do you learn more than your students do? — Douchy’s Blog

August 31, 2016

A big part of the teacher’s role has always been to serve as an example to their students, of what it looks like to be educated. When knowledge was the key to future success, a teacher was the living, breathing example of a learned person. Students could look up to their teachers and aspire to […]

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Free Online Resources: Grammar and Writing — Kristen Twardowski

August 30, 2016

Like any good grammar junkie, I keep a list of resources for when questions arise about the English language. The following are some free sites that I find myself referring to time and time again. They have been so helpful over the years that it would feel stingy not to share them. OWL: The Purdue […]

via Free Online Resources: Grammar and Writing — Kristen Twardowski


August 28, 2016



Bullies are blind to
they see the tenderhearted
as targets, used
to relieve their sense of angry fear,
to release their fearful anger –
used as their addictive catharsis.

Bullies are blind,
in their spewing of bile,
to the bruises they inflict,
constantly telling themselves stories
to create and increase excuses
for stoking their blind angers.

Bullies are blind to
how they are led;
they swallow concocted poisons
about others they fear would replace them,
about others they hope to destroy –
attacking these targeted others.

Bullies are blinded and fearful.