Memories and a locked chest
Sometimes the mirror moves
showing me what
I’d rather not see.

Memories shift and reform
revealing different stories,
painfully clear now.

We wear such narrow glasses
spotlighting one version,
blind to and blurring peripheral possibilities. 

The Jester

I wrote this in university, after realizing that I could write something and call it a poem, that I had a poetic voice.

The Jester

smiles and grimaces - 


People applaud
the gesture.

Green Time

Magnolia Tree budding
It is the time of green mists
surrounding grey branches
as trees begin again.

Daffodils abound, and 
dandelions replicate,
reflecting the brightening sun.

The earth is warming
as buds move to blooming.
and green shoots thrust upwards.

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice!

If God …

A Trinity of Fish - stained glass window at Maple Grove United Church
If God is a question
calling me, 
I evade
but yearn to answer.

If God is an answer, 
how can I 
live with
what I can’t understand?

If God is a promise
I made under water
can I hold my breath
in the desert?

If God is the whole
and holy world,
how can I birth myself