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Coffeeshop Conversation

August 20, 2016

Coffee cup

Air-conditioned coffee shop,
conversations bleeding into
silent tables,
voices speaking about conceptions
of God
or meditation

And addictions.
And relationships.

I want to interrupt
but don’t.

I wonder if I
arrived here
by those invisible connections

The Enlightenment
has denied me.

unprotected dreams

August 16, 2016

I have unprotected         dreams

late at night

with strangers

searching through my metaphors

to find the weapons

I’ve buried

and attack.

Before the Alarm

August 14, 2016

Me & My MacBook


In the morning, I run words in my head,
To see if they fit together,
To see if they flow.

Sometimes I reach for my keyboard.


August 12, 2016

Time Moves On

In youth we come through our bodies as explorers
Seeking and measuring
Astounded and disappointed
As we grow into ourselves.

In our long midlife, we travel our path
Forgetting and wandering
Sometimes grateful, mostly blindly seeking
The more we yearn for.

Now, our bodies re-astound us
Aching and refusing
Complaining and attacking
Reminding us of time.

Help Syrian Refugeess

September 8, 2015

Please help Canada return to our positive humanitarian approach; sign and share this petition.


Wednesday, September 9 come to the Oakville Town Square (Lakeshore and George Streets) to demonstrate your support for expediting Syrian Refugee claims in a timely manner.

Learning SEO Basics

April 9, 2015

SEO image

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Social Media Basics

February 25, 2015

If you would like to know the basics of Social Media, and some information about Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, so you can decide if you want to play in them, look at the slideshow below:


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