Alone – Credo

The sun reflecting on a midsummer Lake Ontario, at Oakville
“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with 
your one wild and precious life?” - Mary Oliver 

Only a little time left, 
to walk alone
in this precious and wild world;

I plan to shape
and walk
my own wild and precious path. 

Lost Password

I’ve lost the password to what used to be my life.
The air is strange and I’m losing my sense of balance.
I search through remnants scattered in the home I sold,
Wondering what to keep, or sell, or trash.

In the coffeeshop, the chatter is of family discord:
Recent losses, expected deaths, and mangled hopes
Fall like tears from the balcony, splashing on me,
Where I sit, trying to create a new password.

The Arms Merchants

Dark eye

The arms merchants recruit the awful hungers
of the power mongers and trim their synapses
with greed
Then power mongers hypnotically whisper
to the shamed and lonely ones filled with rigid angers
and find the hungriest to bombast
“the Others are thieves who want
what’s ours. Stop them. Guns!
guns, guns, guns.”

Making ghosts of our children.