Like a sign finally read after years of passing by,
turning down the path I’m required to take,
asking what happens in this time called “grief”. 

There’s work to be done, putting a life away,
hidden fears discovered, and stories told of
what I was too close to see in our shared time. 

The busyness loosens and tasks frustrate. 
Suddenly I am distraught and yelling, lost
ind alone, shaking in anger. 

Sometimes my voice wobbles and eyes tear. 
Sometimes I am happy in a new moment. 
Sometimes I don’t know who I am. 

Some who have walked this path tell me
it never ends, but it has corners of comfort
and grows less steep and rough. 

I want to be . . .
I don’t know what this “new normal” is

7 thoughts on “Grief

  1. Hi Joan…
    I know U sad.. and EVERYTHING ELSE…U are in my prayers if thats gonna help
    My sister lost her husband last year.. he was s teacher.. 56 yold..she told me its never better.. its different but…
    I sam sending U hugs.. and i dont know what i can do to help somehow

    Sent from my iPhone

      1. Hi Joan…
        Love Your “ Disney” postings…
        I am ok.. i got covid.. recovery is long and i am back to work but still weak
        But U have to do what U have to do…
        I hope every day its gonna be better
        I am sending U a lots of hugs..
        Hope to see U for.. coffee maybe🥰💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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