Back-To-School – Mini Notebook is a Good Fit

For years the fountain pen, such a wonderful development from the straight pen, ruled the writing world. For years the typewriter gave our paper communications the professionally neat look, before the personal computer made it redundant. The laptop taught us that we could carry our composing/working tool around, maybe not as conveniently as a pen and some paper, but we could be mobile. However laptops are not small and are too expensive for many casual users of the computer basics: a little writing, a little calculating, a little web browsing. However a tool is emerging for younger students and those who want only the basics from a computer: the mini notebook.

From, with markings added
From, with markings added

Inexpensive, and in some cases, sort-of free – – the mini notebook could be the most important back-to-school purchase.

Cheaper, more portable, and easier-to-use than the over-functioned (for most people) laptops and mobiles, the mini notebook is a great tool.

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