Civility In Toronto – Wonderful

Toronto skyline showing the CN Tower against an overcast skyLast weekend I had the pleasure of seeing several acts of civility in Toronto, of people politely being helpful to strangers. This is the kind of city I love being in.

  • Someone with a senior’s ticket in a subway station without an attendant. A stranger, seeing the ticket in the token-only station, asks if the senior knows there’s a station with an attendant a couple of blocks away, then walks with her up the stairs and points the way.
  • Two people standing, clearly lost, outside a subway station – a stranger approaches and asks where they were trying to get to. The stranger then points the way, across the street and left.
  • A young woman at Union Station on the GO Train ready to get off with a baby, a huge backpack, several bags attached together, a baby car seat, and a stroller – the Passenger Ambassador tells her to wait and he’ll help her off. She smiles, puts on her three foot high crammed backpack, strokes her baby tied with a shawl to her front, puts the collection of bags over her shoulder, and smiles as the man follows her off with the stroller and baby car seat. The station is being renovated and the elevator is at the other end of the platform. An older woman steps up and picks up the car seat. The young woman smiles and strokes her baby again, and insists on carrying the stroller. They walk together to the elevator, descend, and the young woman opens the stroller and they put the baby car seat in it. Both smile and say good-bye.

Civility, curtesy, people making other people’s way a little smoother and easier. How wonderful.

MagNet ’09

I GO-trained into Toronto today to attend some sessions  at the MagNet ’09 Conference. I was really impressed with the excellent level of organization and with the high quality of the two sessions I attended, a session with a panel of literary agents answering questions and a session with Harry van Bommel on self-publishing. Both were excellent. Harry van Bommel speaks frequently and if you ever get a chance to hear him, do it! I learned a lot from him.

Harry van Bommel's Home Page
Harry van Bommel's Home Page

It was a lovely day to be in downtown Toronto:

Torontos Old City Hall
Toronto's Old City Hall
Toronto's current City Hall

Tomorrow I give my presentation on researching using the web.

iQ mobile Search - an iPhone Screenshot
iQ mobile Search - an iPhone Screenshot

I worry a little because the audience will be doubly diverse. They will have many different angles on what they want to research and what for. Plus, today I noticed a wide range in web awareness and know-how in those attending the sessions I was in. As well, I’ve been tweeting using the hashtag #MagNet09, and when I’ve searched, very few seem to be using it. I’m hoping I’ve got something for everyone but tomorrow will tell.

I’m using a PowerPoint, for three reasons.

  1. I like KeyNote better, but if anything went wrong with my laptop, there might not be another Mac handy and a PowerPoint file will play on a Mac or a Windows platform. (Not that I’m paranoid ;-> but I’ve emailed a copy to my Google mail, and I have a memory stick with my presentation on it which I carry separately from my laptop,)
  2. I’ve just found PowerPoint’s Presenter Tool –  something I thought only Keynote had – and that will make my presentation easier to run.
  3. I don’t trust hotel wi-fi having had previous bad experiences with giving web-based presentations where the promised wi-fi was down more than up.

So tomorrow, I will be looking at this screen –

PowerPoints Presenter Tools
PowerPoint's Presenter Tools

Wish me luck ;->