I have a horror

a surfeit of tv dribbles

the images and words

and numbing.

I must look away,
change the channel,

I switch to a story of plotted
murder where the killer
is named and blamed
and hunted and destroyed – and

it’s over!

When I can’t resist glancing again,
the crowds are still

raging in the streets.


Time Moves On

In youth we come through our bodies as explorers
Seeking and measuring
Astounded and disappointed
As we grow into ourselves.

In our long midlife, we travel our path
Forgetting and wandering
Sometimes grateful, mostly blindly seeking
The more we yearn for.

Now, our bodies re-astound us
Aching and refusing
Complaining and attacking
Reminding us of time.

Getty Offers Copyright Safe Images

Responding to @dougpete, I’m adding some more information about copyright safe practices, this time with images. As described in the previous post on safe sounds for podcasting – https://joanvinallcox.wordpress.com/2014/02/28/safe-sounds-for-podcasting-canada-2014/ Creative Commons and, using Creative Commons licenses, Flickr, provide copyright safe images. On Google Images, you can find safe content, if you search under Tools.

Searching Google Images

However, the exciting and savvy new move by Getty, as described by CNN – http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/06/tech/social-media/getty-free-pictures/ – adds more options for images to use, at the same time as making misusing the images using screenshot etc. far less interesting. All Getty asks is that you embed the image, giving them credit and a link back to their site.

The embed icon looks like – </> and takes you to the code.


And this is what you get –
Embed from Getty Images