Against Stereotyping

Beauty Everywhere- on the Streetcar

The older woman smiles at a baby;
the mother in a hijab smiles back.

The man with a tattoo sleeve
thanks the driver for his transfer.

The proper older lady in her white-trimmed navy blue dress
is gently guided by a dreadlocked younger woman.

The woman in the seat ahead
wears a butterfly-print shirt.

The teen in his black hoodie stands and gestures
the young mother into his seat.

Beauty everywhere.


Beauty Everywhere – on the Sidewalk

The young woman in ripped jeans walks
her bike through the intersection

Inside the coffeeshop an older man stops
reading to talk to a kid.

A woman in Tibetan dress walks
with a boy wearing a Spiderman Tee.

A little girl wearing a red polka-dot dress
waves at a streetcar driver.

A woman uses her phone to capture
a front yard flower for Instagram.

Beauty everywhere.

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