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Mothering God

August 3, 2017

Mary holding the crucified Jesus
After reading Sarah Bessey’s Out-of-Sorts

Imagine God offering Her breast, and feeling such relief, such joy, and such pleasure when I latch on;

Imagine the gaze of a smiling God, companionably putting Her arm around my shoulder and listening seriously to me;

Imagine God, whispering a question that unblocks my understanding and my heart;


Imagine God waiting for Her child’s tantrum to lessen, the pounding fists, the bites, the screaming;

Imagine God with yellowing dark bruises and browning bite-marks, patiently, hopefully rocking Her child;

Imagine God gently singing a lullaby to Her exhausting, exhausted child;


Imagine God in a coffeeshop hoping for Her cell to ring;

Imagine God wanting to listen and support me as my life bumps and flows along;

Imagine God watching the sparrows outside and then smiling as Her phone rings;


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  1. Liz permalink
    August 4, 2017 3:39 am

    Nicely done Joan.

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