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Learning by Playing Around

February 12, 2014


I’m typing on Notability on my iPad Mini in the landscape view and using the correct fingering and I’m astounded at the speed I can type with. I’m enjoying this light tapping of a virtual keyboard, a set of letters laid out qwerty-like.The only thing I miss is a single apostrophe on the top keyboard. I find it slowing to have to tap for the number keyboard and then tap the apostrophe and then tap back to the alphabetical one. But it’s interesting, with my iPad resting on my knee and slightly wobbly, just tapping away.

I’m hungry and I’m playing a little. I just found out that I can type a small “i” and it will automatically turn into uppercase. If I type “im” it will automatically become I’m. I wonder what will happen when I type “its”. Yup, it converts; it’s given an added apostrophe automatically. I had to use a semi-colon to need to get at the numerical keyboard. Good to know.

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