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Why I Like gMail’s New Tabbed Inbox

August 28, 2013

This might make some of the people and organizations that send me emails unhappy, but why I like gmail’s new tabbed Inbox is because it makes it so easy to sort my mail, and throw out what I’m not interested in. Let me explain. I sign up for lots of stuff; I like having blogs I follow come into my inbox rather than using RSS.  and a Reader. Lots of people, especially the highly tech-able ones, may criticize that, but it’s my habit, and I’m sticking to it. What this means is I get a lot of mail, and only some of it interests me. gMail’s new Inbox makes it easy for me to continue in my subscribing habits without being too overwhelmed or annoyed by piles of messages. Here’s what I do:

After checking my Primary tab for personal and important messages ( To learn how move messages so they land in your Primary tab – see ) I go to one of my other tabs. The first thing I do is click the little box just above the Primary tab.

Select all above the Primary Inbox in gmail

Select all above the Primary Inbox in gmail

This will select all the messages in that tab.

All messages are selected in this tab

All messages are selected in this tab

(This works best on my laptop, and not so easily on my tablet or phone.)

I de-selecting the messages I want to keep, which I find easier than individually selecting the ones I have no interest in.

Once I’ve done separated out the ones I want to read, – –

gmail tabbed inbox with some messages selected

gmail tabbed inbox with some messages selected

I simply click on the trash can –

gmail's Trash

gmail’s Trash

and all the checked and highlighted messages that I don’t want disappear. Easy and time-saving. I could individually check the boxes on the ones I don’t want, but I find it emotionally easier to make one (large) negative selection by clicking the box at the top, and then saving (unchecking) the ones I do want.

The nest and final post will explain how to get rid of the tabs and go back to the previous plain, untabbed gmail Inbox. Coming soon.

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  1. August 28, 2013 1:18 pm

    I totally agree with you, Joan. The tabbed interface does allow me to set priority levels with the types of email that I get. Some I spend more time on than others. It’s been a great productivity enhancement for me. Glad to see that “Doug — off the Record” wasn’t ghosted out in your examples!


  1. This Week in Ontario Edublogs | doug --- off the record

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