Browser Choices

You can see my digital choices on my laptop –


I like and use Apple, WordPress and Firefox, or I used to. I still use my lovely Apple MacBook. I use WordPress for one of my blogs, (but I'm also posting a lot on Posterous). As for Firefox, I've mostly shifted to Chrome, and apparently a lot of others are too, according to ZDNet –

Why, you might ask, am I deserting the fabulous Firefox? First, I'm not entirely leaving it. I've become a two-browser person. I use Chrome for everything, except what it doesn't do that Firefox does. Firefox has too many wonderful plug-in for me to desert it entirely, but most of my web work, I now do on Chrome.

  • Chrome is faster;
  • Chrome is easier;
  • Chrome is more convenient.
Faster? Don't take my word, download it and give it a try –

Easier? The tabs are above the address field so I never confuse them with the bookmark bar

More Convenient? 
  • I can just enter a search term in the address field, and it activates a Google search;
  • When I click on a link, the tab opens immediately to the right of the page containing the link, instead of at the far right of all the other open tabs, making it easier to move back and forth between the pages;
  • When I click on the "+" sign at the right of the open tabs, it gives me a page with all my most opened pages presented to me, and other information.


There are problems – 
  • on the Mac version of Chrome, there's no way that I know of to edit the bookmarks; I'm assuming that will be developed in the future;
  • On Firefox I can right-click and save a web page to Diigo – currently I do the awkward process of copying the URL in Chrome, going to Firefox and opening that page so I can save it there to Diigo.
All-in-all, it's Chrome's quick loading that has won me (mostly) over. To find out what Chrome has to say about itself –

Give Chrome a try; you might like it!
Joan Vinall-Cox, PhD 
Social Media & Learning

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3 thoughts on “Browser Choices

  1. I love google chrome. I think its design really put some pressure on other browsers, but because it was open source, they were allowed to “cheat” off of it. It seems kinda obvious that the more google grows the better it’s service gets. And bing was a nice revision in search format, but google just has a better system.

  2. I love Chrome too, but I’ve held off using it until the bookmark manager is developed. I do the same too – I copy the URL link to my firefox, and add it to my diigo (I saw you using it in class and I tried it out – I like it a lot!) It really is a lot faster and nicer looking…but I will be pro-Firefox until the bookmark manager for Mac Chrome is developed!!

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