Finding New Stuff Online

Everything on the web is changing really fast, and it's easy to feel a bit lost. Nobody knows everything about all the web apps, but a few know where to find web-treasures: applications that are really useful for you and your projects. I call these people Web Guides.

I subscribe to and receive in my email Doug Belshaw's blog  – – where he describes work he's doing for his Ed.D. degree and how he uses technology in his teaching and training. His current post –  – contains an annodated visual of the apps he has on his Mac. I was able to review them and choose which ones I wanted to check out (red-outlined) for my possible use. (I like the way resting my cursor brings out a description. He explains how he set it up to do that.)


So I have some new apps to check out, many of them open source and/or free.

He's not my only Web Guide. I blog on Posterous – – because it's the easiest blog tool I've found, and I subscribe to a number of people whom I find helpful there. I have set it up so I receive a collection of their blog posts in my email too. It's just easier to delete the Posterous email if I'm busy than it is to remember to go to my Bloglines or Google Reader accounts.


Steve Rubel often mentions web apps he finds useful – – and I enjoy reading his insights.

There are lots of other sources of web information out there; I follow MakeUseOf – – by having it, too, emailed to me, and they make it really easy to sign up.


So that's it, the sources of my web information which I have now shared with you! I hope you explore and find your own, and if you know of any really useful ones that I haven't mentioned, please share them in the comments.

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