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Early Morning Curriculum Design

December 14, 2009

Sometimes I wake up in the dark and my mind begins to chatter. Sometimes I worry about painful things, but often I can redirect my stream of words into ideas, sentences that are planning rather than fretting. So at 5:00 I lay restlessly and thought about a new course I'm planning, about scripting and audio and documentaries culminating in podcasts. After I'd heard the furnace kick in and felt the air a little warmer, I got up and made some notes. Good ideas, if I do say so myself, including wondering if I should ask the students to learn a little about how the brain deals with sound as part of their thinking about audience. With that as an excuse, I woke up my computer and started googling. Many search terms, many sites briefly checked and rejected – and then a HIT! –


I find the information clearly presented and it appears to be up-to-date. I especially love the use of the same video clip with different sounds to illustrate the affective impact of sound –

Although it is aimed at teachers, especially those who teach dyslexic and/or disabled students, the information is valuable for a more general audience, in my opinion.

A little further exploring of this extensive and very rich site, and I discover that it advocate a Universal Design for Learning (or UDL).

I quickly bookmark these sites (and write up this post) and wrench myself away from exploring further (later!) so I can get on with my planned day. (Sometimes insomnia can be valuable;->)

Joan Vinall-Cox, PhD –
JNthWEB Consulting –
Social Media & Learning

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  1. December 14, 2009 10:21 pm

    Hi Joan,
    A voice from your Sheridan past.Happy Birthday to you…soon,methinks…we once used to have lunch together on that day-Sagitarians united:-)
    Be well, B

  2. December 15, 2009 12:04 am

    Hi Barb,
    And happy birthday to you, my fellow Sagittarian! And i wish you well too.

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