Last Night at the HPCA Meeting

I'm a member of a freelancers' association know as the Halton Peel Communicators Association and last night we put on a a social media workshop. It was fun even though I didn't get to sit in on the other three workshop leaders' presentations. Check out Donna's report on hers here –, and Sue's here –  Rob's may come later.

In an unthinking moment I had agreed to cover audio and video on the web, and the closer we got to the workshop, the more I began to fret. I've had more frustration than success with iMovie and GarageBand, and I've never used MovieMaker or SoundRecorder. I won't say I panicked, but I did regret agreeing.

Donna Papacosta blogged recently on leaving your comfort zone – – and as an organizer of the evening, she had put me squarely in that position. I was not in my comfort zone. Why oh why hadn't I asked to do the Twitter presentation, I groused to myself, or the blogging one, or even the one on LinkedIn. But no-o-o, I had to say "yes" to audio and video.

It turned out to be pretty good. The day before, still out of my comfort zone, I made a list of the things I did know how to do with audio and video on the web. Turns out people were delighted to learn how to embed videos and audio clips into Facebook or their blogs. They were also happy to find out that they could make little animated videos at Animoto – – just by uploading photos. They found screencasting interesting and looked at the Twitter-associated tool Screenr, – – and some examples of what I've done with Jing – In fact, you can see a collection of the links I referred to in my JNthWEB wiki here –

So it was a good night, a night where I discovered that my audience was happy to learn a number of ways to play with audio and video online, and I was happy to share what I knew with them!

Joan Vinall-Cox
JNthWEB Consulting –
Social Media & Learning
Halton Peel Communicators Association –

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