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Gmail’s Tasks, and Why I Use It ((no gallery))

September 18, 2009
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This morning I will assemble a newsletter that has been sent to me by email, an article at a time. I find gmail's Tasks invaluable in doing this.

In the image below, the Tasks link in the left sidebar has an arrow pointing out its position. It used to be in labs (the green lab jar at the top just to the right of your gmail address) but is now integrated.

Arrows also point to what its window looks like opened, and where you can click on the icon to minimize it.

Tasks can sit tidily out of the way bottom right, or, if you click on the bar icon, open in the Inbox window. If you click on the angled arrow icon, it opens as a separate window. Or you can close it altogether by clicking on the "X".

Here's where to find Tasks:

Here's what Tasks looks like close up:

Notice the "related email" links – When they come in to my inbox, I label the message, but I also go to More Actions menu and down to Add to Tasks for every related message, and there I have it, listed in Tasks with the relevant link! You can also see

  • Minimize, Separate Window, and Close icons at the top right
  • Actions menu bottom left for a number of possibilities

  • 3 icons, bottom right, for adding another task, trashing, and going to a Tasks menu.

All-in-all a handy little tool!

(Now I can't put off working on the newsletter any longer ;-> and will go to work on it, using gmail's Tasks!)

Joan Vinall-Cox, PhD
JNthWEB Consulting –
Social Media & Learning

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