Why I use Seesmic Web for my Twitter app

I’ve used a number of applications to play on Twitter.

Currently I’m using Seesmic on the web. Here’s why:

I like being able to keep Twitter open on a tab. I can do that with the original Twitter, but Seesmic lets me have multiple threads open, and Twitter doesn’t.

Tweet Deck lets me keep several threads open but I don’t like leaving it open while I’m online because it seems to slow down my computer. That means I have to open and close it every time I want to check what’s happening. (I’m avoiding Seesmic Destop because I anticipate the same problem.)

I also prefer the light background of Seesmic over the dark background in TweetDeck.

But here’s the current deal-maker –

In Seesmic I can see the image just by resting my mouse on the link! That doesn’t appear to be true in the others; I have to click on the link and a new page opens. I like the Seesmic preview of the image, which saves me time.

What do you use as a Twitter app, and why?


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3 thoughts on “Why I use Seesmic Web for my Twitter app

  1. Hi Joan

    …and you should also try twitscoop.com

    We’re like seesmic web and brizzly, but with our unique real-time tag cloud which will give you the pulse of the twittersphere.

    We also have the pic previews (we’ve had them for a long time), plus bitly stats, stock charts, multiple search tabs…


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