I Get HYPER When I’m Not LINKED!

Yesterday Twitter went down. I’d already been bleeding my most boring tweets off by using Backpack’s Journal and fulfilling two purposes:

  1. Re-routing my impulse to tweet about mundane things into, as I mentioned, Backpack’s Journal;
  2. And thus creating a log of my activities, a kind of diary.

Did I mention personal use of Backpack is free? – http://backpackit.com/ And I really appreciate that because I’ve set up the Reminders to send me email when bills are due or automatic withdrawals are scheduled. Thus helping me avoid insufficient funds charges.
So even though I couldn’t access Twitter, I could still type about finishing the newsletter, but in the Backpack Journal, not on the social web. However, I couldn’t harvest and comment on interesting URLs posted by those I follow on Twitter, and I was surprised how much I missed that.

I kept checking Seesmic on the web for Twitter; it’s still down late Friday evening. The Twitter web itself seems intermittent and slow, but I’ve gone back to TweetDeck which seems to be working well and yesterday let me start reading Tweets again and link to the URLs that might be interesting.

What I discovered was kind-of ironic – a blog comparing digital literacy with Networked Literacy – http://www.thethinkingstick.com/digital-literacy-vs-networked-literacy and I was totally struck by it

So I highlighted it using Diigo, – http://www.diigo.com/06sl8 –  bookmarked it, and tweeted it.

Digital literacy is important, but Networking Literacy is essential. I missed Twitter when it was down because it’s my source of interesting, helpful hyperlinks, and where I share the hyperlinks I believe others will benefit from. Even a hint that I could lose this, even only Twitter being down and for just a little while made me realize that

I get hyper when I’m not linked!


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