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Social bookmarking is one of the most useful aspects of the web. You can use it to create your own online library, organized to your own interests by using tags. Although I’ve been using some form of social bookmarking for years, every so often I want to review what I can do with the social bookmarking tools I use.

Currently I use Diigo and

One of the useful aspects of webapps is that many give you notice when an upgrade is available, and then, when you install it, open a page explaining all the changes. Diigo has recently upgraded and among the items available in the upgrade page were these very informative videos:

I use two social bookmarking apps because I’m wary of any web app closing down, and having two makes it more likely that I’ll still have access to most of my saved bookmarks if one closes. But who wants to do that extra work you ask? It’s no extra work, because I can save to Diigo and have my new bookmark automatically added to my account.

Diigo to
Diigo to

The final step I’ve taken is to add a widget to my blog so readers can see what I’ve been saving.

My widget
My widget

If you don’t already use social bookmarking, you might want to give it a try.

5 thoughts on “Social Bookmarking – Diigo

  1. I often wonder where I would be now if Diigo was around when I transferred by bookmarks from Backflip to Delicious. I have so much invested in Delicious now that it’s become the personal home for my bookmarks. I admire the fact that you’re able to maintain both of them.

  2. Hi dougpete,
    You can import bookmarks into Diigo and (I believe) you still keep them in your account. Then go into Diigo, in the screen I showed above, and link your Diigo to your The result? Save in Diigo, and you automatically, effortlessly also save in Nothing more required 🙂

  3. Hi Joan,

    This is really good thinking, thanks, and I’ll be setting up a Diigo account, then.

    How do you decide when to collect content into something like Zapatero (which looks impressively sophisticated, thanks for your tip over at Ask Auntie Web) and when to collect and share the links? Maybe that’s a strange question to ask, but I’m trying to simplify the exceedingly confusing way I currently save and share my resources, which in the end comes down to living on Twitter ;), and I am always curious how others get a pershaps slightly more solid handle on things.

    Thanks, and great to discover your blog!

  4. Hi Anne,
    I only use Zotero for big, academic projects where I need a lot of research at my fingertips, and an easy way to create my bibliography. When I find a site, an article or a book, I add it to Zotero as I go along. Then, when I need it, I can find it easily.

    As for sharing, I leave almost all of my bookmarks on diigo & on open for other people to search, add exciting ones to my Twitter, (where I also find many), and add links to my collections in my blog’s sidebars, to the right.


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