WebTools For Teachers 01/15/2009

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One thought on “WebTools For Teachers 01/15/2009

  1. Hello,

    Ehud here, from wePapers.com . I went over your post and I would like to response:
    wePapers is against plagiarism. As the site allows it’s visitors to upload any kind of academic document, the current content is based on informative free lecture notes, books, presentations and articles- real ones.

    As a student, it happened to me many times that I couldn’t understand my lecturers presentations or my own notes, so I needed to look for academic material on the web. This is very hard to find, unless you’re a good googler. We don’t think that there is something wrong with that- in the contrary, we want to make the world a smarter, exactly like wikipedia does.
    In addition, wePapers offers great collaboration tools for both students and lecturers for online study groups.

    Yes, students can take advantage on our platform and upload their seminars to our site- that’s the way the internet works, and we do not have any control of it. We would like to offer plagiarism detection tools in the near future. I think it will be easier to detect plagiarism from a free content website, than from a website that sells ready made works. We understand your worries though.

    Here is a post by a lecturer about wePapers from yesterday:

    And that’s how most posts about wePapers look like.

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