WebTools For Teachers 06/24/2008

  • Excellent, clear description of steering opinion. “Communication itself comes with a frame. The elements of the Communication frame include: A message, an audience, a messenger, a medium, images, a context, and especially, higher-level moral and conceptual frames. The choice of language is, of course, vital, but it is vital because language evokes frames — moral and conceptual frames.

    Frames form a system. The system has to be built up over time. It takes a long-range effort. … Most of this system development involves moral and conceptual frames, not just communicative frames. Communicative framing involves only the lowest level of framing.

    Framing is an art, though cognitive linguistics can help a lot. It needs to be done systematically.”

    tags: politics, language, WeaselWords, Lakoff_George

  • tags: JOLT, MERLOT, blogging, WRI330

  • Excellent overview of how to use a wiki to contain and extend a course. Matches (and extends) my own experience. “This paper describes techniques and pedagogical considerations when using a wiki to augment a traditional course management system, and presents best practices for their use. Building a course around the use of a wiki invites students to become involved in the process of creating course content and sharing their knowledge with their classmates. The results of this study suggest that many first year college students only have a cursory knowledge of what wikis are, and incorporating their use in the classroom will add value not only to students’ studying and learning, but also to their potential success as future knowledge workers and technology professionals.”

    tags: WorkLiteracy, wiki, wikisineducation, JOLT, MERLOT, WRI330

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