Learning Wikispaces With Readability

People decide about what to read, on paper or on the web, before they de-code a single word. If the page looks dense and/or difficult, readers, unless they are highly motivated, will just move on. When people learn to write or to create a web page, they should, IMHO, learn about readability as the same time as they learn how to use the application. I’ve tried to combine information about the Wikispaces icons and readability in this document, aimed at the new user, especially if they are not too familiar with web layout and usability.


BTW, if you read this blog regularly, you will have noticed that the links I bookmark are now being added as a post on a daily basis. I have found many interesting and helpful links on the blogs of others who also do this, so I figured out how to for mine. Hope some of them are helpful or interesting for you.

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