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Generating a Table of Figures

March 19, 2008

I enjoy playing with new applications, and I enjoy figuring out how to use them to accomplish tasks. My previous post was a screencast showing how to automatically generate a Table of Contents, something that is very easy once you see the steps. This post is focussed on how to automatically generate a Table of Figures.

If you, or someone you are supervising, are creating a document, chances are, it will have some visual content. If it’s just clipart used to amuse, you can ignore this, but if you are inserting pictures that help communicate the meaning, you should always add a caption to help the readers notice what you want them to see. Luckily, this is a step that contributes to automatically generating a Table of Figures, as you can see in the embedded screencast below:

[ ?posts_id=763493&dest=-1]

What I find especially fun is using, and learning, software that is new to me, while creating a screencast about an aspect of Word that is very useful, and not that well known.It’s a twofer – I learn and others learn;->

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