Creating Stories in a Comics Format

I’ve been playing with a new web application called Comiqs and I can see it being used for school assignments or for brief, visual manuals. Here are a couple of examples I whipped up in 20 to 30 minutes each, which is slow, because I was learning to use the application at the same time;->

First, my response to another snowy day, made using photos from my Flickr account, which I directly linked to from within Comiqs:

  • Here’s what the first page looks like –


Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

I can picture teachers using Comiqs to create attractive instructions, and I can picture students using Comiqs to create assignments requiring images and text.

I can see similar uses for small business tasks.

Can use imagine other possible uses?

It’s easy to use and fun to play with; give it a try!

2 thoughts on “Creating Stories in a Comics Format

  1. Yes, comics are great fun and can be used very creatively in education!
    You should also check out It’s an easy to use online comic strip creator that has lots of cool features and works really well with kids! Visit my blog to catch a glimpse of what all you can do with it or see the loads of comics at toondoo. Do check it out!

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